AUNT EDNA and the Lightning Rock

Book 1 of the Aunt Edna Stories


CAHocking_AEatLR_eBook copy

When Aunt Edna learns that her 11 year-old orphaned niece, Isobel is coming to live with her, she has a panic attack. Goodness, whatever will she do with a niece? After all, Aunt Edna is an Eternal with magical powers and Isobel is a Mere Mortal.

And what will Diggidydog, Grumblebumkin, The Great Smoking Beastie and Barking Wood Stove make of a niece? Not to mention the five Ghosts on the veranda and Frozen Bert in the freezer.

An Australian Children’s Fable of Weirdness and Wonder!

A charming and funny Middle Grade book for kids aged 8-14.
Available in Kindle and Paperback from all Amazon Marketplaces, including the links below:

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Efrona Mor

June 23, 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

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