AUNT EDNA and the Lightning Rock


Book 1 of The Aunt Edna Stories

CAHocking_AEatLR_eBook copy
When Aunt Edna learns that her 11 year-old orphaned niece, Isobel is coming to live with her, she has a panic attack. Goodness, whatever will she do with a niece? After all, Aunt Edna is an Eternal with magical powers and Isobel is a Mere Mortal.

And what will Diggidydog, Grumblebumkin, The Great Smoking Beastie and Barking Wood Stove make of a niece? Not to mention the five Ghosts on the veranda and Frozen Bert in the freezer!

An Australian Children’s Fable of Weirdness and Wonder!

For children 7-12.
Available as Ebook, Paperback, Hardback and now as Audiobook, beautifully narrated by Corrine Davies. The Paperback and Hardback are available in local Bookstores. If it isn’t on their shelves, you can ask them to order it in.
Click on the Purchase Links below:
Ebook: Aunt Edna and the Lightning Rock
Paperback and Hardback: AmazonOnlineBookstores; All Other Book Stores
Audiobook: Google Play; Kobo/Walmart; Scribd; Chirp; Hibooks; NOOK Audiobooks; Apple
And for those of you who love a bargain: BookFinder Price Comparisons (US Dollars)
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Efrona Mor5.0 out of 5 stars My neighbor’s 8 year old daughter loved this book!June 23, 2019Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

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