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1 December 2010

Deer Santa

Mi nam iz Tegan. I am 6. I am a gerl but u shuld no that becos u r Santa. Pls dont marc mi speling becos Im onlee 6 and stil lerning. Mi teecha Miss Carter sed I shuld ryt wot I think and lern the speling ufta.

Mummy sed I shuld send u a emal becos I hav been gud and I shuld get a nys presunt. Daddy sed hiz biznuz iz gowin gud so I shuld usk u fr sumthin speshul. Daddy sed I culd typ a emal on hiz compoota becos I typ so gud. Mummy sed I culd be a ryta wen I gro up becos I tel gud sturees to mi brutha Cody.

I hav got lots of toyz and a wii and a playstashun and a ds and a byk and mi brutha Cody haz got lots of toyz but Cody gets teezed in the plagrund becos he haz glarses to see beta and he cryz becos he iz onlee 4 so fer xmas can u pls mak them stop teezin mi brutha.

Mi frend Tayla iz sad becos her Daddy dyd and her Mummy cryz a lot so can u pls giv Tayla a noo Daddy fer xmas. My frend Ashlee iz sad becos a roba cam to her howz and tuk her tv and her compoota and her ipod and Ashlee didunt hav shuranz so can u pls giv Ashlee a noo tv and compoota and ipod 4 xmas. My frend Jenna had a axidunt in the car and her Mummy haz to go to the shopz in a weelcha but it iz hard gowin to the shopz becos her weelcha iz stif and it iz hard to get on the bus so can u pls giv a noo weelcha to Jennas Mummy fer xmas. My frend Sienna iz sad becos her Daddy dusent hav a job enimoor and Sienna carnt go to swimin clars with me becos her Mummy and Daddy dont hav enee munee so can u pls giv Siennas Daddy a noo job 4 xmas.

Mummy werks evree da and mi nanee dusent lyk me or Cody and she dusent hug Cody wen he fools don and Cody haz to cry a lot and I hav to hug him so can u pls giv Mummy a beta job so she dusent hav to werk evree da and she can be mi noo nanee. Daddy let a man mak a syn on the frunt lorn and it sez For Sale and Daddy sed we need a biga howz to liv in but I dont wont to go awa from mi frends so can u pls mak a biga howz heer fer Daddy fer xmas. Daddy iz a injuneer and flys on a plan to Chyner a lot. Chyner iz a long way. Can u please mak Chyner closa fer xmas so Daddy can be heer and we can see him a lot.

Mummy sed to sa thank u Santa and I preeshat wot u wil giv me fer xmas.



3 September 2011

Deer Santa

My name iz stil Tegan and I am stil 6. I wil be 7 necst week.

Thank u 4 al the speshul presunts u gav me at xmas. Cody iz at preeskool with hiz noo contak lenzuz and dusent get teesed animoor. Thank u Santa fer Codys noo contak lenzuz.

Taylas Mummy cam to owr howz at xmas and met mi Unkel Steev and tha luv eech utha and me and Tayla r guna be flowa gerls at her Mummys weding. Mummy sed me and Tayla r guna be cuzins. Thank u Santa.

Daddy bort a noo tv and compoota and ipod fer Ashlee 4 xmas and tol me to tel Ashlee that Santa bort them. Did u tel my Daddy that Ashlee had a roba? Ashlee lyks her noo things. Thank u Santa.

Jennas Mummy cam and cryd on Daddy but it woz hapee crying and Daddy sed u bort her a speshul noo car 4 peepul with legs that dont werk and Jennas Mummy dusent hav to go on the bus enimoor and u bort her a noo weelcha that sonds lyk a mota byk and izunt stif. Thank u Santa.

Sienna cums to swimin clars with me now becos her Daddy werks fer mi Daddy and tha hav plentee of munee. Thank u Santa.

Mummy dusent werk enimoor becos shes got a noo babee sista in her tumee and Mummy iz mi nanee now. Mummy is the bestest nanee. Mummy hugs and kisuz Cody wen he fools don and Cody dusent cry a lot. Thank u Santa.

The syn that sed For Sale on the frunt lorn went awa and sum big bildas cam and mad owr howz biga with sters gowin up and me and Cody hav noo bed rums and we can sta heer and not leev mi frends. Mummy iz makin mi noo babee sistas room pink necst to mi bed rum and Daddy haz a noo ofiz in the noo howz necst to the noo kichun behyn the sters. The big bildas mad a big mes but its nys and cleen now. Thank u Santa.

Daddy sed Chyner iz in owr noo biga howz and Daddy werks in hiz noo ofiz orl da and sumtyms he lets me and Cody look at Chyner on hiz compoota. Daddy torks Chyner tork and it maks me and Cody luf. Daddy dusent go awa enimoor. Thank u Santa.

I lyk mi noo pink compoota. Mummy sed I gota hav a noo compoota if I wont to be a ryta. And Daddy sed I shuld reed a lot if I wont to be a ryter so I lyk mi noo ereeda too. Thank u Santa.

I wont send u unutha emal becos I dont need enithing fer xmas enimoor.

Thank u Santa.




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