An Epic Family Saga based on a true story


SARAH ANN ELLIOTT Book 1 is a beautiful, poignant and harrowing story of one family’s struggle to survive the grim mill towns of 19th century England, and is the first in a series of books about an ordinary woman who went on to live an extraordinary life.

Sarah Ann Elliott was born in 1823 into a family of weavers whose lives were entirely dependent on the textile mills of the booming Northern England town of Stockport. Her family is much like any other with highs and lows, joys and sorrows, but when 10,000 spinners and weavers go on strike for nine months in the infamous 1829 Stockport Turnout, the Elliotts are plunged into a life of hardship and turmoil from which no one is spared.

Little Sarah Ann is swept along with the events that surround her and it is only her indomitable spirit that will carry her through. The harsh lessons learned in those early years will shape her into the strong, resilient woman she will one day become.

Available from all Amazon Marketplaces as Kindle and Paperback.

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