Jennifer Barnett: Artist

(Author’s note: I had the great privilege of sitting in Jennifer Barnett’s studio often during the 1980s and watching her work. Her ability to capture mystery, love, pain, sorrow and joy with a few simple art supplies always left me in awe and still does. You can see her magic for yourself  here at


She sees
        the smirk under the smile
        despair in the laughter
        the lie lurking behind veiled eye
        questions in the answer
        a hidden flaw
        the secret idiosyncrasy
        an odd oddity

        the veneer is stripped
        no deceits remain

        a stroke, a line, a dab
        a shade less here
        a smudge there
        colour to trap the eye
        and reach the mind

        a soul is revealed
        bared before all
        for eternity

8 November 1988
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