APIT D2D Ebook NEW COVER MAN IN PADDOCK white straplineDan Campbell is a troubled man. Thirty years earlier, on his 11th birthday, he’d witnessed his father’s murder, but something is wrong with the memory of that terrible day. Something he can’t quite see, something just out of focus.

When he goes back to his childhood home to confront his memories and find answers to the mystery of his father’s death, he is swept back in time to the day of the murder and what he discovers there will turn his world upside down, for no one and nothing is as he remembers.

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Diana M. Hockley

January 26, 2012 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Lots of novels have been written about time travel, but this one, in my opinion was outstanding. Well written and sympathetically portrayed characters make this story believeable. I am glad they set it partially in Australia as I am an Aussie. The setting after the big drought with everything falling into disrepair is authentic. It was also entertaining(I read it overnight, it’s not a long book) in spite of the subject matter – the murder of the father – and this character is totally believable. Domestic abuse in Australia is as prevalent as anywhere.

A great read, and I am going to buy this author’s next book as well.

Nicola Mansfield
4.0 out of 5 stars
If you like your crimes to take place fully in the real …
14 February 2016Published on Amazon.com Verified Purchase

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