HTR Paperback COVER IS 6x9 2021 red title re_edited new ending

Was she born evil, or did life make her that way?

Australian Prime Minister Marian Hardwick has achieved everything she ever desired to become the most powerful woman in the country. She is admired by some, but seen as ruthless, calculating and manipulative by others.

Only two men really know her – her husband and her brother – but one loves her and the other hates her. When one threatens to destroy her by revealing a secret buried deep in her past, the other can save her, but first he must break her completely.

Marian’s life unravels as everything she ever believed in is exposed as a lie. If she is to survive, she must confront the greatest challenge of all – the truth about herself.
Available at online bookstores as Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover. The Paperback and Hardcover are available in your local Bookstores. If it isn’t on their shelves, you can ask them to order it in.
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Ebook: Amazon Kindle;

Paperback: Amazon; Other Online Bookstores

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