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cropped-colour-smiling-teeth-friendly-square1I am a Bestselling Independent Author and have been writing since I was six years old. It’s what I do and how I define myself. My works range from powerful family sagas and dark dramatic fiction to light hearted romance, short stories and poetry, with an occasional foray into screenwriting.

I was born in South Australia in 1952 and have lived both rural and city lifestyles in many parts of Australia, which is reflected in the various settings of my work. I’ve had some good times, some bad times, made some wrong turns and some right turns, had some awful jobs in order to keep the money coming in whilst writing in my spare time, raised a family and become a grandmother. I am now living the blissful writer’s life (at last) with my husband in Canberra, Australia.

I have five published novels at present, with more on the way.

A PLACE IN TIME (Amazon Top Ten 2013) is a dark paranormal drama and was shortlisted for a 2007 Australian literary award. It is a murder mystery with a time travel twist set in rural Australia.

DAMAGED GOODS (Amazon Top Ten 2013) is gritty, gothic dramatic fiction and has received some very emotive and powerful feedback from readers. Child abuse is not a subject to be received lightly, but my readers have vindicated my efforts with their responses. Some of the reviews I have received have been very personal and moving.

HOME TO ROOST (Amazon Top 100 2013) is another dramatic fiction novel about betrayal, abandonment and redemption. One reader described the story as a wild emotional ride. I like that.

SARAH ANN ELLIOTT Book 1: 1823-1829 An Epic Family Saga based on a true story. Released on International Women’s Day 2018. Based on the life of my own great-great-great grandmother, who was born at a time when girls had poor expectations, few choices and no rights. But Sarah Ann Elliott had her own way of doing things and her life was always going to be an adventure!

OLD FARTS ON A BUS is a humorous look at, well, Old Farts on a bus touring through Egypt. Never underestimate Old Farts. Where they go, eccentricity follows!

I am working on several different projects  at present. Which project I choose to work on each day usually depends on which one is in my head when I wake up in the morning. That’s the creative process. I have never been able to approach my work as “work” and do the 3000 words a day thing that some writers advocate. I would find that tedious.

The SARAH ANN ELLIOTT series continues with Book 2 under way. Other works-in-progress are THE AUNT EDNA STORIES, a children’s series of books about a magical, mystical old lady living in the Australian bush; MAENAD, another dark dramatic fiction novel; A QUOLL’S TAIL and SALAD SAM, two illustrated children’s books; and RATTLING GOOD YARNS, a compilation of thirty years of short stories.

If you enjoy my work, please feel free to post a review on the site from which you purchased my book, on my blog, or you can drop me a line via my email address: cahocking.author@gmail.com. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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